Monday, March 27, 2006

Well I finally got my IPOD...I got a Nano and bought an IDOG for a speaker. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner...I LOVE it! I can put my ears in and tune out all the chatter at work...what a luxury. I think I may just make it to retirement!
It is interesting that it comes with no instructions as to how to use the unit...tells you how to load and plug it to external units, but not how to use the unit itself! So when I got it on French instead of English and tried everything to get it back to English, I gave in and called John Gatza and took it with me to their house (was going there for dinner)...of course he did it no sweat...seems you have to hold the center and menu together to get it back to set up! Anyway I love loading music as I type!

I haven't bought the printer yet as Best Buy doesn't have high end printers so I have to order it on-line...will do that tomorrow. Then I can listen to only the tunes I want, print only the pictures I want and watch only the movies I want (joined Netflex!)...what a life.


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