Tuesday, October 28, 2003

It is 5:00 AM and have been up since 4:00 AM! This not sleeping is a bummer!

Speaking of bummers....I had a leak in the pipe that goes from the wall to the toilet. Earl came down and did a temporary fix and I called a plumber the next day (Mon. Oct 27). Then, thankfully before the plumber came, I went to take a shower and almost no hot water flow in the tub, so the plumber looked at that as well. Turns out that that was due to a fixture inside the faucet that was broken. He said he had never seen anything like it.(what Earl said about the piping hook up for the leaky pipe as well!). Plumber went to stores and finally found the last faucet thing in the area....don't make them anymore...just lucky a plumbing store had one left! So now I have to look into getting new faucets in the big deal, NOT! ....the hook ups are BEHIND the fiberglass shower that has to come off, then the plumber does his thing...sounds like a few days without a shower. I'll have to plan this carefully!

I have a friend who is learning to rehab houses and is doing some minor stuff, putting up shelves, making new thresholds, etc. I have a call in to her to see if she her learning curve has curved to bathrooms yet!

I don't have to do it today or tomorrow, just sometime sooner rather than later as the other faucet will go and then I'll be really stuck. Oh well I really didn't have anything to do with $1000 bucks...figure that is what it will cost by the time I buy new fixtures, wall covering and labor...not to mention the volka consumed while paying the bills.

And it is better to own your own place because.....?

Oh yes, at the fundraiser mentioned in my last blog, I bid on a MD basket and now have up for grabs, two crab T-shirts (XLG and LG), two large bibs with how to eat a crab on them, two rubber crab cold cup holders and a crab key chain....first come/call first to get a piece of MD. Actually they are all very nice and different and if no ones claims them they might show up in a gift box, so you may as well say what you want!

The other basket, coffee/tea stuff, has a nice caraf if you know someone or need one yourself...just let me know...I have two already, so I can give/gift this to someone who needs it.

Now it is 5:20...have to get up at 6:30, so I'll try to go back to bed or maybe just stay up and do some really important things like pay bills!

More later

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Finally getting to this! Since Sept 10th I've gone to NY to Jonathan and Elizabeths wedding/ was one of the best weddings and for sure one of the top 10 parties I've been to....very nice. Pictures are in the archives under Janet, the Jonathan/Elizabeth's wedding...take a look!

Other than that I've been doing nothing but work, it seems. This week worked Mon. through Sunday! It wouldn't be so bad working 7 days in a row if there weren't so much agrivation to deal with! It is so bad I'm even thinking getting sick would be better than working! Hopefully things will get better....if not, I may have to check the job openings in the Tucson Public Library.......

Going to a fundraiser/bull roast tonight...hope I don't fall asleep in my beer!

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Well I'm back from the wedding/celebration and will post more I can't type very well as I pinned my finger between a wall and a book cart at work while checking every book on the shelves for mold...(that is too long a story for a sore finger....surfice it to say it is not what I got my masters for!). It is all swollen and sore at the joint and will prob. go to the doctor tomorrow if for no other reason than to get out of mold duty! That's all I can type...more later

Tuesday, September 02, 2003 everyone can see what I am doing and thinking...ha!

I have such a hard week this week...Mon. holiday, Tues and Wed. work, Thur and Fri driking at Heather's, Sat. Party....and am I ever ready to party! everyone can see what I am doing and thinking...ha!

I have such a hard week this week....Mon. holiday, Tues and Wed. work, Thur and Fri drinking coffee and volka at Heather's, Sat. party!.....and am I ever ready to party

Monday, September 01, 2003


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