Friday, February 27, 2004

Well I had my 6 mo. checkup with my oncologest on Wed. All is well and since I am almost 4 yrs cancer free he said we could take out my port. It is getting more difficult to access (happens after a few years...turns and is hard to find the opening) so he said we might as well take it out as he doesn't see it needing to be used anytime soon...yeah! Is not so much of a problem for me except I have to get it flushed every 6 weeks at $15 a visit, so this will give me two days off work (yeah) and save me money. I'll get it out May 13...believe it or not it is the first Thurs., Fri I don't have work or family things going on!

Work is easing up a bit...all the 4th 5th gr are done. They are fun to do but tiring. Now it is on to storytime. An odd thing has happened with that. Last fall the 2 storytimes on Fri. (ones I was scheduled to do) didn't fill up so I only had to do one. This time they both filled up right away and the ones on Tues. and Thurs. didn't fill up....go figure! That is why it is so hard to schedule. Guys at work are teasing me saying everyone wants mine, but we don't tell who is doing which so as much as my ego would like to believe that, it isn't so!

I've started knitting prayer shaws. They are basically long and wide and knitted for someone in need of a good prayerful hug. I am doing two right now. One for a friend's husband whose grandchild died at 7 mo. and one for a friend who is having a hard time at work. I also have in production a pillow for a friend (wedding present) a small blanket for Lucinda (fun, but hard!), sweater for Jen and Emma. Why so many projects? I get bored easily! I have started a knitting journal (records what is knitted for whom and with what and a picture) with an album Judi gave me. It is fun to look at what has been done.

Have book club tonight. Our book is Queen Noor's bio....I've listened to two disks and looked at the pictures......

A friend gave me a great photo album for Christmas. One where you make comment/notes with each picture. I am putting Grand's in it...Emma and whoever comes after Tod and Holly, get don't want the whole album taken up with Mark and Jen's progeny do you?....ha!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Boy will I be glad when 5:00 tomorrow comes....for being a short week it has taken a long time to get to Fri.!

I don't get some principals. We offer to do 1/2 hr booktalks in all the 4th and 5th grades on genres and/or subjects they are studying. In the schools we serve and most are very happy for us to come...esp. since we cater to what they are studying at the time. Well Fountain Green media specialist was all for us coming...then she talked to the principal who said we could come, but we couldn't take class had to be during their reg. scheduled library time. When the media specialist explained that we would have to come at 10 AM and 1:30 PM 5 days a week to see all the classes, she said that was what we would have to do if we wanted to see them because class time could not be used for this purpose! Right...books and ref. information have no place in the would be such a waste of precious class time...what an idiot. So we went Wed., Thurs and will go tomorrow to catch some of the kids (a pain, but it isn't the kids fault, so they shouldn't suffer). The down side to doing the presentations during their lib. time is the teacher is not there since it is their planning time. So none of the teachers heard about the on-line homework services we now have or any of the books. Fools and idiots...the world is made up of fools and idiots...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well so much for writing every day.

I have been soooo tired this week. I worked Mon. night, got into work 8 AM Tues and prepared for booktalks. On Wed did 5 booktalks in a row (did non-stop presentations to 4th and 5th gr from 9:30 to 12:30) and came back to multiple schedule problems. Then Thurs did 6 booktalks to 5th graders at Prospect Mill (got there, was into my first presentation and an annoucement came over the loud speaker that anyone who had parked along the curb instead of head into the curb had to move their car. No one told me I had to head fact it was the first day they were doing that and there were no I had to cut short that one and run out and switch my car!), got my haircut during my lunchtime, and worked till 5 at the library and till 9 at the yarn shop. Fri. I did collection work which means I took books on and off the shelves almost all day to check holdings and see if we needed to get rid of the book or buy more copies. Fri night I went to bed at 9:00 fell asleep right away and woke up at 8 AM this morning (Sat.)!

Janet Clifton and I went to the yarn shop today to pick out yarn for a pillow I'm making for her as a wedding gift. Then we went to lunch and now I'm home. I'm hoping to finish a scarf today and work more on a prayer shaw I'm making for a friend.

I work tomorrow, but we're only open 1-5 so it isn't so bad. Plus a friend of mine is also working so we are getting take out from a local Indian resturant and come back to my place....the wine is cheaper and flows more freely here!

Next week had better be better than this last week 'cause last week I was too tired to even knit!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

I am getting back to this...going to try and write something every day.

Sun. Feb. 8:
Taught Sunday School (7th & 8th gr) today and they were surprisingly with the lesson. Am using a curriculum produced by Heifer International which centers on economics and civics. The students use an example from Heifer as a basis for looking at decision making and global responsibility. It is very good.

In the afternoon and evening I knitted on a scarf for someone at work, took a nap and straightened up....soooo exciting!


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