Saturday, February 14, 2004

Well so much for writing every day.

I have been soooo tired this week. I worked Mon. night, got into work 8 AM Tues and prepared for booktalks. On Wed did 5 booktalks in a row (did non-stop presentations to 4th and 5th gr from 9:30 to 12:30) and came back to multiple schedule problems. Then Thurs did 6 booktalks to 5th graders at Prospect Mill (got there, was into my first presentation and an annoucement came over the loud speaker that anyone who had parked along the curb instead of head into the curb had to move their car. No one told me I had to head fact it was the first day they were doing that and there were no I had to cut short that one and run out and switch my car!), got my haircut during my lunchtime, and worked till 5 at the library and till 9 at the yarn shop. Fri. I did collection work which means I took books on and off the shelves almost all day to check holdings and see if we needed to get rid of the book or buy more copies. Fri night I went to bed at 9:00 fell asleep right away and woke up at 8 AM this morning (Sat.)!

Janet Clifton and I went to the yarn shop today to pick out yarn for a pillow I'm making for her as a wedding gift. Then we went to lunch and now I'm home. I'm hoping to finish a scarf today and work more on a prayer shaw I'm making for a friend.

I work tomorrow, but we're only open 1-5 so it isn't so bad. Plus a friend of mine is also working so we are getting take out from a local Indian resturant and come back to my place....the wine is cheaper and flows more freely here!

Next week had better be better than this last week 'cause last week I was too tired to even knit!


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