Thursday, July 14, 2005

Well I am finally getting back to blogging. Here are some thoughts.

While up the farm I found a box marked old Lloyd and some Famous memories. In it were old Lloyd family photos. I have been taking pictures of them and will organize and label them over the next year. They can be viewed, along with pictures I took at my father's sister's house, Olive Warner:
The drawing of a young girl done in pencils was done by my father and is of his sister. The black and white drawing of a baby was done by his mother. Until I saw that picture I never knew where my father's art ability came from. She died when my father was @12 and no one mentioned that she was an artist. They mentioned that she hated the city. That she died young, but not much about her as a person. That is something we all need to remember when we pass on stories....pass on the person, not just the facts!

I was really glad to find pictures of the shore place (Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island, NJ). My earliest memories are from that place and was glad to revisit it. It was sad as well because no one who when there, except maybe my Aunt Dot, is still alive to share those times with. I wish Judi had brought those out (they were not with her regular stash of albums) so we could have shared those times. I guess in a way, getting them out and in a place we could find them, was her way of doing that....but I would have liked to have done that in person. I have been thinking more and more about going to visit there sometime. It is still a quiet family resort I understand from a friend who has gone there.

I'll post some of my memories on Judi's family memories site.

Well my stomach, which was keeping me up at this hr., is doing better, so I'd better go to bed!

More later

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